The ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists (the Register) is the official record kept by ACPSEM to identify specialists in Medical Physics and Radiopharmaceutical Science who have demonstrated and are demonstrating current competency to practise. 

The Register is intended to guard against unsafe, incompetent and unethical practice in Medical Physics and Radiopharmaceutical Science and to ensure that medical physics and radiopharmaceutical science services are delivered only by professionals who demonstrate a nationally and internationally recognised high standard of practise.

ACPSEM maintains a separate section of the Register for each of the recognised Specialties: 

  • Radiation Oncology Medical Physics
  • Radiology Medical Physics 
  • Nuclear Medicine Physics
  • Radiopharmaceutical Science.

The Register is a publicly available resource and can be accessed here.


Registration is recognition from the ACPSEM that an individual is competent to practise their chosen specialty safely and independently in Australia and New Zealand. 

Registration is not legally required in Australia or New Zealand, but it is highly regarded. ACPSEM is of the position that all qualified, working Medical Physicists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists, excluding registrars, should be listed on the Register. We also recommend that ACPSEM registration be included as an essential criterion when advertising job openings for these positions.

Compliance with the ACPSEM’s Code of Ethics and the professional standards of one's specialty, alongside maintenance of currency through CPD activities, are required of an individual for continuing registration. 


Entry to the Register constitutes a binding agreement that the registrant will:

  1. Practise safely and in accordance with the professional standards of their specialty to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients;
  2. Abide by the ACPSEM Code of Ethics (whether a member or not);
  3. Agree for the registrant’s name, specialty and principle place of practice and expiry date if relevant, to be publicly available and published on the Register to be made available by the ACPSEM through various means including on the ACPSEM website;
  4. Provide permission for the ACPSEM to state whether the registrant is on the Register to employers or regulators; and
  5. Maintain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in accordance with ACPSEM requirements