Individual Membership

The ACPSEM represents scientists and engineers providing a broad range of professional services to the medical community of which the central components are:Peta Lonksi "Teaching"

  • Competent provision of appropriate services.
  • Promotion and development of our services.
  • Communications with colleagues on techniques and developments.

ACPSEM Membership is available at a number of different levels catering from people with an interest in medical physics and biomedical engineering to professionals working in the industry.

The ACPSEM comprises six branches and more than 680 members from Australia, New Zealand and overseas. A majority of members are employed in public hospitals with most of these in departments of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering or similar. Other employers include universities, national health organisations and industry.

People accepted as ACPSEM members must agree to abide by the ACPSEM Code of Ethics.

If you have any queries about membership please email us today at

Important information for applicants - Before applying please check the available Individual Membership Grades to ensure you are applying for the most suitable type. Membership is available all year round.

Corporate Membership (Company Associate)

Corporate membership provides a great opportunity to participate in ACPSEM and entitles your company to;

  • Formal acknowledgement in the College Journal and on the College Website
  • Four annual issues of the College Journal to keep you up date with scientific issues in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
  • Discounts on registration fees for ACPSEM conferences, scientific meetings and events, as well as those run in collaboration with kindred professional organisations
  • Discounts on advertisements circulated in the College Journal or on the List-server emails to ACPSEM members and;
  • Free List server access for communication with our members (excludes advertisements)

Corporate membership also gives you exclusive website access to the “members bunker” for information on specialty activities, continuing professional development, newsletters, branch updates and access to the general membership database.

For further information on how to apply for Company Associate membership please email us at or call us today on +61 (0) 2 8305 3900. You can also apply online.

For a complete list of ACPSEM fees and charges please follow the link.

Current Fees

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