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ACPSEM Office Bearers and Board Appointees for 2020

We are pleased to announce the 2020 ACPSEM Board of Directors:
  • Richard Dove
  • Kym Rykers
  • Kevin Hickson
  • Michael Bernardo
  • Lucy Cartwright
  • Martin Ebert
  • Natalka Suchowerska
  • Ivan Williams
  • Rosemary Peavey
The Board conducted its first meeting for 2020 on 17th January. According to the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Committee Guidelines, the Board has elected its office bearers and appointed representatives to fill the roles and positions below:
President Richard Dove
Vice President Kym Rykers
Head of Specialties Kevin Hickson
Treasurer Michael Bernardo
Additional Director on the Finance and Audit Committee Lucy Cartwright
Board Representative on the ACPSEM Foundation Limited Martin Ebert

Congratulations to Richard for securing his third term as the President of ACPSEM, and to our other Board members for their appointed positions.

The Board are welcoming suggestions from ACPSEM Members to help steer the College.

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