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Planning for COVID-19 with resource list

ACPSEM members and staff continue to provide suggestions of resources to assist all members, colleagues and the interested public in dealing with the challenges wrought by the Covid-19 virus:

  • World Health Organization (WHO) - Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene (Patient Safety) - PDF (400 KB)
  • Australian Government Department of Health - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Alert - website
  • Australian Government Department of Health - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources - website
  • Australian Government Department of Health - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for health professionals - website
  • New Zealand Ministry of Health - COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) - website
  • New Zealand Ministry of Health - COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) - Resources for health professionals - website
  • New Zealand Ministry of Health - COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) - Cancer services - Google Drive documents
  • ASMIRT - COVID-19 Essential Role of Clinical Radiology Services - PDF (283 KB)
  • ANZSNM - COVID19 Resource Page - website
  • RANZCR - New COVID-19 Literature and Resources for Radiation Oncologists - website
  • RANZCR - Advice on appropriate use of CT throughout the COVID-19 pandemic - 9 April 2020 - PDF (320 KB)
  • AFOMP - Guidlines on Radiation Oncology Operation during COVID-19 - PDF (585 KB)
  • Cyclomedica - Technegas and COVID-19 - PDF (1.12 MB)
  • GitHub - AI-based diagnosis of COVID-19 from CT and X-ray images - data access and sharing - website
  • COVID-19 Resources for Imaging Departments (UK) - Collated guidance documents for cross-sectional radiographers - PDF (84 KB)
  • Tsinghua University - Tsinghua and CGNNT fight against coronavirus using hi tech - website
  • MyXrayDose - Infographic - Staff in Scan Room During Patient Chest CT - website
  • MyXrayDose - Setting up a Radiologist Home Reporting Display - website
  • Twitter - Thread for cancer patients: Why we need to change radiotherapy during #COVID19 pandemic - website
  • ScienceDirect - Running a Radiation Oncology Department at the time of coronavirus: an Italian experience (Krengli et al, 2020) - website
  • NSW Health - COVID-19 - Frequently asked questions - website
  • WhatsApp - Australian Government WhatsApp - website
  • University of Sydney - Coronavius (COVID-19) research and expertise - website
  • Elsevier Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology - COVID-19: Global radiation oncology's targeted response for pandemic preparedness - PDF
  • Australian Institute of Physics - Preliminary position statement on "online and face-to-face delivery of lectures, labs and exams in the natural sciences during and beyong the COVID-19 crisis" - website
  • Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine - COVID-19 pandemic planning considerations for radiation oncology medical physics (Whitaker, M. et al, 2020) - website
  • DetectED - CT Scan COVID-19 Quiz (test your ability to detect the virus in CT scans) - website
  • University of Malaya - Covid-10 Bibliometrics - website
  • - An oncologist’s prescription for managing fear and chaos in the COVID-19 pandemic - website
  • Illuminating Engineering Society Photobiology Committee - Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) – Frequently Asked Questions - PDF (604 KB)
  • Journal of Thoracic Oncology - Early appearance of COVID-19 associated pulmonary infiltrates during daily radiotherapy imaging for lung cancer (Suppli, M. H. et al, 2020) - PDF (556 KB)
  • Better Healthcare Technology Foundation - Covid-19 Links of Interest - website
  • ECRI - COVID-19 Technology Management Resources (including webinars) - website
  • Radiation Oncolgoy Targeting Cancer - Radiation Therapy during COVID-19 - FAQs - website
  • RANZCR - Safety must come first when resuming clinical radiology and radiation oncology services during COVID-19 (6 May 2020) - PDF (274 KB)
  • IAEA - IAEA Issues Guidelines for Nuclear Medicine Departments during COVID-10 Pandemic - website
  • IAEA - New IAEA Reports on Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic - website

Related items:

  • ARPANSA/Australian Government - Radiation Protection Series No. 12 - website
  • ARPANSA - Non-Ionising Radiation Protection in Australia (Karipidis et al, 2019) - PDF (2.1 MB)
  • RANZCR - Standards of Practice for Clinical Radiology (2019) - PDF (1.65 MB)
  • Radiation Oncology (Australasian Radiology) - Patient satisfaction with doctor–patient interaction in a radiotherapy centre during the severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak (Tang et al, 2005) - PDF (179 KB)
  • Radiation Oncology (Australasian Radiology) - Hiding in the Bunker: Challenges for a radiation oncology department operating in the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak (Mukherjee et al, 2003) - PDF (57 KB)
  • Steritech - Gamma sterilisation of PPE - website
  • Applied Microbiology - Inactivation of Thirty Viruses by Gamma Radiation (Sullivan et al, 1971) - PDF (608 KB)
  • Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology - Efficacy of Electron Beam for Viral Inactivation (Nims and Plavsic, 2015) - PDF (524 KB)
  • ASTMH - Gamma Irradiation as an Effective Method for Inactivation of Emerging Viral Pathogens (Feldmann et al, 2019) - website
  • NCBI - Inactivation and safety testing of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (Kumar et al, 2017) - website
  • Clinical Oncology - International Guidelines on Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer during the COVID-10 Pandemic (Coles et al, 2020) - website

Additionally, we are working to establish a fit-for-purpose forum, similar to EFOMP, for Members to share information and best practices for planning for COVID-19.

If you have additional resources to share please send them to Sharon Flynn (ACPSEM CEO) and Kath Singer (ACPSEM Communications Officer) for us to upload onto our website and social media channels.

We will have a forum on our website made available over the next few days for users to share resources. The forum will not be used for general commentary or the creation of a discussion thread.

We also have access and the ability to organise large online classrooms if a group wishes to present or discuss at short notice. Please work through the Chair of your specialty group, or the Head of Specialties (Kevin Hickson) if you would like access this channel of communication. In any situation where a request is made by a Chair, we will make Zoom (online communications platform) available, even at short notice. Event registration for such occasions can also be organised via the website, if helpful.

If any member is feeling particularly isolated or is seeking peer support for any reason, contact any member of your specialty group executives. Please consult your specialty group page on the website for contact information. If you aren't yet a member of a specialty group it is easy to subscribe. Log into your ACPSEM account and apply to a group from your dashboard.

News item first posted on 23 March 2020

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