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Medical Physics International Journal - Special Issue

Medical Physics International, the journal of the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP), have released another special issue of the journal which looks at the history of medical physics. This is the fourth special issue on the topic, and includes contributions from a number of authors, including Wui Ann Woon, ACPSEM Member.

View and download the special edition - History of Medical Physics 4 - here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

You can also access the other copies of the History of Medical Physics issues on the same link.

The History of Medical Physics project was initiated back in 2007. It was initiated in 2016 as an IOMP supported activity. The brief of the project was described in the Medical Physics International Journal (MPI 2017, v.5 No1, p.68), where all project results will be published in Special Issues. The project objective is to show the creation and evolution of different equipment and methods, as well as their clinical application; the overall development of the profession and the main contributors in the various topics in medical physics. This project will continue its development over many years ahead and will be left with open end in order to be constantly updated in future. The History of Medical Physics project is also related to the visibility of medical physicists, as it will show the contribution of our profession to the overall development of contemporary healthcare. Here below is the Content of the Special Issues of MPI dedicated to History of Medical Physics. (

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