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A reminder to continue, check and log your CPD activities

At this unique time, the College is gently reminding Registered QMPS' not to overlook their CPD compliance. Those on the Register of QMPS need to maintain their CPD contributions to ensure their QMPS registration can be maintained after December 2021.

The purpose of the ACPSEM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system is to engage Members in the practice of life-long learning; thereby strengthening a commitment to improve professional standing, standards and safety for the benefit of the individual, profession, and protection of the public. CPD also helps to maintain current relevance of knowledge and skills in the profession, and to ensure practice is professionally sound.

To fulfil your CPD activities during COVID-19 restricted times, please consider the following options to enable you to achieve CPD remotely:

  • Major new learning - internal report
  • Internal departmental reports (commissioning equipment, introduction of new treatment technique)
  • Teaching (Registrars, Medical Registrars, MRT's, RTs, etc)
  • Reading and publishing in journals
  • Text book and technical report review
  • Approved structure self-study
  • Refereeing an academic paper
  • Attending eligible ACPSEM events and some externally-hosted webinars

A full list of categories can be found here: and also see the CPD Program section of the website for further information on points requirements.

Checking your CPD activities

Please check your CPD activities are logged by logging into our website and accessing the CPD Tracker.

A number of Members have been making errors when uploading their CPD activities and evidence, and we would encourage you to refer to the following guide to ensure your points are correctly allocated:

If you believe that your CPD activities from 2019 are missing in your CPD Tracker, please contact Tania Powell, our CPD Coordinator, at

If you notice the CPD activities are kept the same but there are discrepancies in the CPD points, it could be because we have adjusted the points claimed under Attendance of Informal Meeting. Some attendance of informal meeting was claimed by more than 2 points per meeting in the old system, whilst the maximum points per attendance is 2 points. However, if it still didn't seem right, please contact Tania know via email.


Whilst you are logged into the ACPSEM website, please take a moment to check and update your contact details. For further information on all of the features of our website please refer to our guide.

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