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A Socially Distanced APSIG Fun Run

Please see the message below from Dr Alison Scott, APSIG:

The annual APSIG fun run has evolved to suit these socially distant times. This year you are challenged to create a piece of StravaArt by walking, running or cycling whilst mapping your route using a GPS tracker, phone, fitness watch etc. Your art could be physics related, your department name or just an impressive pattern. Feel free to plot solo runs, dog walks or this might be a perfect opportunity for a departmental team building trip. If COVID restrictions discourage that, maybe challenge your colleagues to complete the same route faster!

Once you have recorded your artwork upload it to your social media along with some photos (sweaty selfies and photos of cute dogs welcome) and the favourite thing you saw on route. Bonus points if you manage to get the APSIG logo in the photo, so email if you would like an APSIG T shirt/singlet.

Include the hashtag #APSIGFunRun and we will publish the artworks and photos on the Better Healthcare Technology Foundation Instagram account If you don't have social media accounts you can email your photos to but don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and family to visit the Instagram page, like their favourite artworks and donate to APSIG via this link

You don’t need the Strava App, any method of tracking your location is acceptable. Instructions for one method that we have found to work are included as an attachment, but there may well be better ways out there. For more guidance see

We will be showcasing the artworks and photos at EPSM and awarding prizes for the best routes and those with the most "Instagram likes" so you have until midnight on the 18th of October to enter if you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Enclosed are examples of a radiation trefoil I walked a few days ago in Perth along with Anna’s plans for a dinosaur inspired bike ride in Sydney. I’m looking forward to some more creative exercise and raising lots of money for a great cause!


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