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ACPSEM Members Update September 2020

ACPSEM Members' Survey Results - Mandatory Registration

404 Members responded to the survey seeking opinions regarding mandatory registration. This equates to 50.8% of individual members. The ACPSEM Board is yet to review or reach any conclusions based on the survey results or the written submissions in response to the most recent discussion paper. However, recognizing the vital interest members have in this information a summary is provided here from a number of perspectives. The Board will discuss next steps at its late October 2020 meeting. Please click here to download the ACPSEM Mandatory Registration Survey Summary for Members

ROMP Workforce Modelling Project

The ACPSEM is initiating its ROMP Workforce Modelling Project with two key milestones:
  1. Provide a workforce snapshot (by way of survey analysis ) as soon as practicable.
  2. Publish and demonstrate a ROMP workforce modelling tool (applicable at site and system level).
This has been a long awaited project by the RO Specialty Group and ROMP community. The survey and model will be based on contextualization of the IAEA model including a patient focus, taking into account the complexity of treatments delivered, geographic location (of a centre) and management arrangements in place. That is factors such as:
  1. Public vs private centre management
  2. Networked vs stand-alone regional centres
  3. Patient numbers
  4. The range and complexity of treatment offered
  5. Academic/research affiliations
  6. Provision of supervision for medical physicist registrars
The Task Group will be established as follows:
  1. Project Director: Howell Round
  2. Project Manager: Darren Dorrimal (ex RANZCR health economist)
  3. Task Group Members (following an EOI 2-4 people will be appointed)

A Reference Group: Sharon Flynn, Claire Dempsey and Michael Bailey, will act as project advisors.


If you are a ROMP in clinical practice and have experience in the design/use/evaluation of ROMP workforce models (at the system or site level), and/or a ROMP in a non-clinical setting with a well-developed understanding specifies knowledge/understanding/experience in the application of such models; you are invited to express interest in joining the Task Group.

Please submit an expression of interest to by 16 October 2020 addressing the following 2 Questions:
  1. Outline your experience and/or demonstrated understanding of ROMP workforce modelling or models, and;
  2. State why you wish to be involved in the ACPSEM task group, including what value you will bring to the project.
The estimated commitment for the remainder of 2020 is:
  1. Provide email based feedback to the draft Terms of Reference Document (to be drafted following group appointments).
  2. 2-3 video-based meetings to scope, review and evaluate survey tools (60 minutes each).
  3. Conduct 1-2 consultation interviews (if required).

You may not wish to be on the task group but instead seek to be consulted because you have experience or a perspective that would likely be useful. Please advise us if you would like to be interviewed by emailing

(Australian) Medical Physics (Incl RPS) Support Grants

After conversations with the Australian Department of Health (last week) to confirm contract extension arrangements, the ACPSEM can now confirm that a grant round will be held in February 2021 for 14 additional grant positions. Please note that the round will be restricted to those who already have approved positions for filling or a person already employed that is eligible for TEAP.

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