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DIR Challenge

On the behalf of the ACPSEM Medical Image Registration Special Interest Group (MIRSIG), we are delighted to host the Deformable Image Registration (DIR) Challenge. The first of its kind in Australia and New Zealand.

The challenge involves performing a DIR between pre- and post-radiotherapy images for two nasopharyngeal cancer patients who received radiotherapy with curative intent.

The primary aim of this challenge is to look at the variation in DIR results across different departments, specifically to quantitatively assess variation in relation to different DIR algorithms and user experience levels. As we are aiming to assess variation in DIR results, there will be no winner and everyone is encouraged to participate. However, to provide an incentive to participate, a $200 (AUD) prize will be given to a participant randomly selected from the entries received. The results of this challenge will also benefit the wider community by helping to identify areas of further research and topics for education conducted by MIRSIG.

Deadline for Submission is 30th November 2020. The DIR challenge results will be presented at the MIRSIG workshop being held in early 2021. The recipient of the $200 prize will be announced at this time, they will also be notified by email.

To find out more information about DIR Challenge, please visit:

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