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EPSM 2020 Speakers

At EPSM 2020 we had a full program filled with informative and innovative presentations from 75 speakers. This year's annual conference was held virtually, and we thnak our speakers for adapting in these challenging times.

The full list of presenters and presentations for EPSM 2020 is as follows:

2 November 2020

Sponsored by alphaXRT

Clinical Experience Using the SRS MapCHECK for Patient Specific Plan Verification of Flattening Filter Free, Non-Coplanar Stereotactic Brain Plans Using HyperARC

Mark Ashburner
Open Plenary Welcome + Facilitator A/Prof Scott Crowe

COVID-19: Has it caused a paradigm shift in teaching medical physics in the future?

Prof Annettee Haworth
Radiotherapy quality Assurance processes Assessment of adaptive radiotherapy workflows for head and neck cancer George Antoniou
Timely review of electronic portal images in a multicentre clinical trial of deep inhalation breath hold in breast cancer patients Prof Tomas Kron
A freely available standardized adaptive evaluation report template Ben Archibald-heeren
Facilitator Dr Francis Gibbons
Education and professional standards Continuing ROMP TEAP examinations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Written, Part A and Part B exams A/Prof Claire Dempsey
Simulation and problem-based learning: Engaging medical physics students in active and authentic learning Dr Andrew Fielding
The role of Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physicists in supporting clinical policy change and the implementation of evidence-based clinical practice. Dr Elaine Ryan
Facilitator Christine Thompson
Radiotherapy treatment planning and outcomes Compliance with ICRU Prescribing and Reporting Guidelines Dr Andrew Williams
Cardiac Substructure Doses in a Danish Radiotherapy Trial Cohort (DBCG HYPO): Trends and Modelling Robert Finnegan
Validation and integration of a Scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) tool for clinical deformable image registration Dr Shrikant Deshpande
Towards optimal SABR margins in prostate radiation therapy Yutong Zhao
Can we increase PTV margins for lung cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy with deep inhalation breath hold? Prof Tomas Kron
Resolution of γH2AX in head and neck cancers following fractionated irradiation: comparison by HPV status. Paul Reid
Facilitator Peta Lonski
Diagnostic and interventional imaging Updates to the ARPANSA Diagnostic Reference Level program Dr Peter Thomas
ARPANSA’s new Occupational Radiation Exposure training materials Alan Mason
TLD Validation of Commercial Software for Organ Dosimetry of 1-Year Old Infants Michael Lawson
Evaluation of Scattered Radiation Dose to Operators of Hand-Held Dental X-Ray Units Justin Leadbeatter
Monte Carlo simulations of dose from Intrafraction Imaging in Radiotherapy Lachlan McIntosh
National and international FAIR infrastructure for collaborative quantitative imaging and clinical trials research Prof Martin Ebert
Facilitator Sarah Aliuddin
Sponsored by Elekta Elekta MR010Linac: A physics perspective of implementation and clinical treatment Dr Daniel Hyer
Facilitator Benn Perkins
Patient specific quality assurance
Sponsored by Gamma Gurus
Differences in sensitivity of Patient Specific Quality Assurance systems to clinically relevant treatment delivery errors – results from the SEAFARER study A/Prof Joerg Lehmann
Plan complexity metrics and their effect on detector choice for vertebral SABR patient specific quality assurance Kemal Berk
Investigation of an improved method for EPID-based IMRT and VMAT patient-specific quality assurance Prof Peter Greer
Prediction of EPID-based VMAT patient-specific quality assurance results Prof Peter Greer
Validation of PerFRACTION pre-treatment QA (Fraction 0TM) measurements against Octavius measurements Michal Wawrzak
An evaluation of the IQM signal response and error detection sensitivity for patient specific pre-treatment QA Thahabah Alharthi
Facilitator A/Prof Scott Crowe
Image segmentation and registration Auto-segmentation of the Clinical Target Volume in a Gastric Cancer Clinical Trial Phllip Chlap
Deploying auto-segmentation tools in the clinic: A flexible, robust and scalable framework Phillip Chlap
Alignment of computed tomography (CT) images to reference geometry by convolutional neural network Dr Price Jackson
Automatic contour quality assurance based on transfer learning of a multichannel 3D ResNet Dr Hang Min
Clinical trial contour quality assurance using transfer learning and a multichannel AtlasNet Dr Hang Min
A Probabilistic Biological Atlas for Prostate Cancer Robert Finnegan
Facilitator Prof Annette Haworth
Radiatherapy dose modelling Comparison of MLC modelling in two treatment planning systems Dr Jeffrey Barber
What is wrong with Eclipse’s Dosimetric Leaf Gap parameter? Flavio Nelli
Monte Carlo investigation on the effect of penumbra modelling on OAR dosimetry Fayz Kadeer
Localized extra focal dose collimator angle dependence during VMAT: An out-of-field Monte Carlo study using PRIMO software Dr Alessandro Esposito
Radiation dose perturbation at the tissue interface of PEEK and Titanium Bone implants: Monte Carlo simulation, film dosimetry and treatment planning George Katsifis
Reducing Sensitivity to Asymmetric Scattering Conditions in Source-Tracking Based Treatment Verification of HDR Brachytherapy Prof Rick Franich
Facilitator Dr Paul Charles
Radiotherapy Image Guidance The MArkerless Lung Target Tracking CHallenge (MATCH): An AAPM Grand Challenge Marco Mueller
Automatic detection and tracking of marker seeds implanted in Prostate cancer patients using a Deep Learning Algorithm Keya Amarsee
Surface Image Guided Radiation Therapy Implementation A/Prof Joerg Lehmann
Comparison of three Realsense RGB-D cameras for measuring respiratory like motion of a surface Dr Andrew Fielding
Intrafraction motion in Lung SBRT quantified through repeat CBCT imaging Dr Jeffrey Barber
Paediatric OBI planar imaging: Where are we now? Julie-Anne Miller
Facilitator Samuel Peet

3 November 2020

Plenary Non-invasive cardiac ablation for refractory ventricular tachycardia: A case report Dr Nicholas Hardcastle
Facilitator A/Prof Scott Crowe
Facilitator Dr Ian Smith
SRS and SABR techniques
Sponsored by Brainlab
Clinical benefits of managing motion in kidney SABR Dr Mathieu Gaudreault
Application of ICRU Report No. 91 recommendations for the Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Stage I Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) at Central West Cancer Care Centre (CWCCC) Ajeet Mishra
Initial experience with Brainlab Elements - Cranial SRS: moving from iPlan for single-lesion treatments Dr Eireann Cosgriff
An attempt to quantify the effect on output factor of a sub-millimetre variation in the size of a small radiation field Luis Munoz
Facilitator Anna Ralston
Nuclear medicine
Sponsored by Gamma Gurus
Adopting a 99mTc-DTPA glomerular filtration rate estimation method and implementing a spreadsheet with real-time quality control feedback Sijan Gautam
An end-to-end deep learning based algorithm for delineating organs on low dose whole body CT scans for nuclear medicine dosimetry. Cameron Pain
Automatic Segmentation of Metastatic Prostate lesions in PET/CT images using Convolutional Neural Networks Jake Kendrick
Use of FET PET uptake dynamics for the spatial characterisation of glioblastoma Dane Lynch
Facilitator George McGill
Facilitator Steven Sylvander
Radiation dosimetry
Sponsored by ARPANSA
International consensus data for high energy photon kQ based on current measured and modelled data Maximilian Hanlon
Impact of the adoption of ICRU 90 on x-ray air kerma calibrations at ARPANSA Maximilian Hanlon
Considerations in replacing ARPANSA’s Primary Standard for Absorbed-Dose-to-Water – Graphite or Water Calorimetry? Dr Peter Harty
Magnetic field correction factors via a cross-calibration using a conventional linac Jarrad Begg
Post Irradiation Leakage in a 2D Ionization Chamber Array Dr Christopher Noble
MOSFET calibration factors for clinical use in radiotherapy Valery Peng
Facilitator Dr Jessica Lye
Image reconstruction and CBCT Deep learning image reconstruction - commissioning and validation Chris Williams
Optimization of Imaging Dose in Patients Undergoing Image Guided Radiotherapy using CBCT Images Dr Christopher Noble
Efficient Projection Based Method for Metal Artefact Reduction in Cone Beam CT Dr Christopher Noble
Evaluating an egs_cbct based CBCT scatter removal pipeline Sarah Hegarty
Cone-Beam CT Scatter Correction: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Correcting Head & Neck Scans Brani Rusanov
Determination of cone beam computed tomography quality assurance tolerances using process control charts Jeffrey Harwood
Facilitator A/Prof Prabhakar Ramachandran
Sponsored by Varian Ethos™ Therapy: A Deep Dive into the future of Intelligent Cancer Care Takahiro Hara
Ethos Clinical Updates Johnny Cheng
Facilitator Lee-Ann D'Souza
Radiotherapy treatment delivery and equipment Experience of commissioning the HexaPOD evo RT System robotic couch top Dr Anthony Venning
Medical physics commissioning of new Immobilization devices across five campuses at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Deepak Basaula
Characterisation of the SNC IC Profiler quad wedges for photon and electron energies Dr Anthony Venning
A feasibility study for sub millimetre spatial resolution real time dosimetry of stereotactic radiotherapy beams Luis Munoz
Assessment of lung doses in patients undergoing Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Peta Lonski
Evaluation of treatment dose variations and dosimeter accuracy during extra corporeal bone irradiations Wing Yan Ip
Facilitator Craig Lancaster
MRI in radiotherapy Commissioning of a 1.5 T MR-Linac for fully adaptive radiation therapy Jack Aylward
Pilot study of off-axis treatment on the inline Australian MRI-Linac system Elizabeth Patterson
Audit development for online adaptive radiotherapy for MRI and CBCT based systems Rhonda Brown
Evaluation of synthetic CTs for adaptive radiotherapy decision making Caitlin Allen
Assessing the variability of MRI derived quantitative parameters used in radiotherapy treatment planning Madeline Carr
Out of field dose due to electrons generated in-field on an Elekta Unity MR linac Dr John Baines
Facilitator Dr Michael Jameson
Film, gel and other detectors A method of assessing and correcting for temporal changes in optical density using radiochromic film: Can we get instant results? Dr Leon Dunn
Cranial SRS phantom analytical methods used in dosimetry audits for complex treatments of multiple brain metastases Dr Andrew Alves
Over-response of EBT3 film in lung phantoms irradiated small fields Dr Paul Charles
Investigation of target dose conformity using normoxic polymer gel dosimetry techniques: A clinical example of 12th thoracic vertebrae SBRT treatment with VMAT Dr Anthony Venning
Further investigation of lung tumour peripheral doses using normoxic polymer gel dosimetry techniques with a range of MV photon energies Dr Anthony Venning
Commissioning of a Magnettech MS5000 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Radiation Dosimetry Dr Christopher Noble
Facilitator Steven Sylvander
3D printing and phantoms Interlace deposition: A method for 3D printing bone-like HU values for phantom imaging studies Rance Tino
Radiomics feature stability on 4D CT- Evaluation with 3D printed textures in motion phantom Hassan Albarakati
A 3D printed phantom to assess geometric distortion of MRI scanners used in a radiotherapy setting A/Prof Prabhakar Ramachandran
Development of deformable phantom and its applications in quality assurance Okan Gulal
A comparison of CT- and photogrammetry- generated 3D prints of a HDR brachytherapy surface applicator Corey Bridger
A study of kilovoltage x-ray beam backscatter factors for different solid phantom materials Dr Robin Hill
Facilitator Lucy Sim

4 November 2020

Better Healthcare Technology Session Introduction and Awards + Facilitator Anna Ralston
Plasma therapy for cancer: A new approach for delivery of active agents without radiation beams (2020 David Robinson Innovation Award) Juliette Harley
Can Medical Physics improve patient outcomes in brain cancer? (2019 Boyce Worthley Young Achiever Award) Dr Michael Jameson
Conference Awards and Closing PiMP Awards A/Prof Joerg Lehmann
Awards and Closing + Facilitator A/Prof Scott Crowe

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