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2021 ACPSEM Board of Directors Appointments

The ACPSEM Bard of Directors conducted its first meeting for 2021 on 12 January. According to the constitution of bylaws, the Board has elected its office bearers for this calendar year, as listed below.


Kym Rykers
Kym is the Medical Physicist Manager at Austin Health, VIC, which provides external beam radiotherapy to patients. She hopes to consolidate the role of medical physicists and engineers in patient care by enhancing the visibility and value of the ACPSEM when representing Members to government groups and health service providers.

Vice President

Kevin Hickson
Kevin is currently the Head of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety for South Australia Medical Imaging. He joined the ACPSEM Board of Directors in 2018 and he was the ACPSEM Treasurer in 2019 and Head of Specialties in 2020.


Michael Bernardo
Michael is a Certified Medical Physics Specialist (Diagnostic Radiology) with Biomedical Technology Services, and was Branch Chair of the ACPSEM QLD Branch Committee in 2020. Joining the ACPSEM Board of Directors enabled Michael to contribute to the College’s strategic direction, and he looks forward to continuing to support our community.

Lucy Cartwright
Lucy is a certified Radiology Medical Physicist, and she has been involved with ACPSEM on various projects and a Board Member since 2019. She is keen to raise awareness of our profession, improve patient care for services which do not yet have access to imaging physicists, and to create opportunities for the future generations.

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