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ROMP Workforce Modelling Project

The ACPSEM is undertaking the ROMP Workforce Modelling Project and keen to work with the College Members and Radiation Oncology Centres in determining ROMP workforce needs now in Australia and New Zealand and into the future. This Project model is based on contextualisation of the IAEA model, including a patient focus, taking into account the complexity of treatments delivered, centre location and management arrangements in place.

The project will:

  • deliver a ROMP workforce snapshot in Australia and New Zealand (via survey)
  • publish a ROMP workforce modelling tool (applicable at site and system level).

Two surveys have been developed to capture the information needed and are critical to the data collection process of this Project:

  1. The ROMP Members Individual Survey
  2. The RO Centre Surveyfor Chief Medical Physicists and their teams. Staff involved will be eligible for 5 CPD points.

ACPSEM Members and their colleagues are requested to contribute to this project by completing one or both of the surveys above, and returning completed surveys to by 5 March 2021.

Further information on the surveys can be found below.

  1. The ROMP Members Individual Survey captures Member-level demographics and attributes, existing and desired work arrangements, and retirement intention data. The information will be used to create a current ROMP workforce snapshot. The ACPSEM has distributed the survey to registered Members, but the College encourages members to forward the survey to their non-ACPSEM colleagues to improve the data collected.
  2. The RO Centre Survey captures centre-level workforce data, comprising detailed information on the number of cases, estimated activity-time per case and QA time per unit of equipment. The project team will develop the site and system-level workforce model variables from the empirical data and triangulate Centre and Member Survey data to add depth and insight to the ROMP Workforce Snapshot analysis. The Survey uses Microsoft Excel for transparency and data accuracy, and incorporates a real-time model that allocates a Centre’s ROMP FTE (clinical and non-clinical) as the respondent completes the questions.

Note: Information in both surveys is confidential to ACPSEM project team members. The analysis will be aggregated such that individual respondents or their data will not be identifiable from either the snapshot analysis or workforce model parameters while remaining consistent with the Internal Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) model and methodology.

Please download the surveys below and return the completed surveys to by 26 February 2021.

  1. The ROMP Members Individual Survey
  2. The RO Centre Survey
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