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Better Healthcare Technology Foundations - 2020 Annual Website Report

The Better Healthcare Technology Foundation has released their annual website statistics for 2020. Please visit the Foundation's webpage for statistical reports of the website from last year.

The end of 2020 marked the second birthday of the Better Healthcare Technology website, which houses a unique foray of information. This information has been published for the promotion and betterment of medical physics, engineering and associated sciences in low to middle-income countries. The website also promotes the research and development of these industrial areas within Australia and New Zealand, and the facilitation of knowledge exchange with other health professionals both locally and internationally.

Through these provisions, the Foundation website has gone through many iterations to enable easy viewing and access to articles and areas of interest.

Whilst the Foundation's website visits have grown year-on-year, support is needed from the medical physics and engineering communities to help raise awareness of the Foundation's activities, to provide technical knowledge for patients, and to promote research and CPD funding opportunities.

To get involved in this growing website and to support the Foundation, please click 'get involved', and contribute by submitting an article, subscribing to the website, providing feedback of articles, or providing editorial assistance.

Further information is available here.

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