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Call for Applications for the Professional Standards Board

The Professional Standards Board (PSB) is delegated by the ACPSEM Board the role of being accountable and responsible for the setting, applying and maintaining policy concerned with professional standards, as they apply to the education training and assessment programs, CPD programs and the work of the Specialty Groups and Branches of the ACPSEM. The PSB also oversees the work undertaken by the Certification Panels, the Accreditation Committee and the CPD Committee.

Who Should Apply
The ACPSEM is now seeking members from the following background to fill 2 vacancies.

  • 1 x Fellow Member of the ACPSEM [shortlisted by the Nominations Committee (NC) then elected by peers]
  • 1x Member with ACPSEM Registration or Certification [appointment recommended by the NC]

The ACPSEM values the commitment of those who want a meaningful new experience for a limited time, alongside those that may see leadership of their profession/s and driving the future of professional standards as a long-term commitment. Participation in the PSB will also help prepare you to make an impact in other governance roles beyond the work of the ACPSEM.

Minimum commitment of 30 hours per year inclusive of preparation and participation in 6 quarterly meetings in addition to orientation and reading individuals may undertake.

Appointments start on 1st July 2021 for 2.5 years. The usual two-year term of office is extended to 2.5 years to resolve the disruptions in appointment cycle for PSB membership caused by COVID.

How to Apply
Please fill in the Application Form with your CV and return to Susie Zhong, Company Secretary via and cc Application closes on 24th May 2021.

Additional information and PSB Members Position Description is available in the PSB Policy:,00000033,f03a87fa894818755e60e9909f236de7171a26d1)&TenID=ACPSEM

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