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The ACPSEM Mentoring Program cycle finishes for 2021

After another successful year, the ACPSEM mentoring program has finished its cycle and connected numerous pairs of mentors and mentees together from within the ACPSEM membership community. Thank you to everyone involved in this year's cycle for their support, commitment and time. We hope you found the experience rewarding.

The Scientists and Engineers in Leadership (SEL) Mentoring Program focuses on leadership training for scientists and engineers, and offers support, skills and building blocks for ACPSEM Members, helping them get to their future career goals. It is also an opportunity for experienced Members to provide support and guidance to early-to-mid career staff within our industry.

This year's ACPSEM Mentoring Program was launched on a new virtual and resource-driven platform to facilitate a pandemic-led shift to online solutions. This reduced the need for mentors and mentees to be located in the same place, and to continue their meetings throughout COVID-19.

This move to a virtual platform, and the Mentoring Program as a whole, reflects the strategic priority placed on increasing career development through the provision of a safe and flexible mentoring program. This initiative enables mentors to share their knowledge of management and leadership, and for mentees to gain confidence in their career path and opportunities.

If you would like to take part in the next SEL Mentoring Program, please keep your eyes peeled for information on the next cycle.

Note, this program is exclusively available for Members of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine who are currently employed as a medical physicist, clinical engineers, or a radiopharmaceutical scientist.

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