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Call for EOI- ACPSEM DIMP CTG Working Group

ACPSEM is seeking those with in-depth knowledge of the DIMP Clinical Training Guide (CTG) to work on is revision and update.

ACPSEM is seeking to make multiple short-term appointments for up to six months in duration of suitably qualified Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physicists (both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) to form an expert working group to:

  • Provide detailed review of the current CTG content- competencies, current learning outcomes and recommended elements of training, and
  • Develop any new content, as advised by the Reference Group.

The overall aim of the project is to update and improve the CTG, ensuring that the training program is current, descriptive enough to allow registrars and supervisors optimal learning and assessment opportunities, responsive to changes in industry and technology, and is standardised sufficiently to ensure quality evaluation outcomes. This project will be done in collaboration with Amplexa Consulting. Applicants should note that this review will focus on update, alignment, and curriculum mapping rather than an extensive overhaul of content (the most recent content review was conducted in 2016).

Applicants should identify their particular areas of expertise.

The project includes the following milestones/timelines:
  • Project initiation October 2021
  • October 2021- Initial meetings for the working group assigned to review the CTG
  • Review of content within each module to be completed by mid Dec 2021.
  • A schedule of meetings and allocation of work will be determined by the expert working group for each module (this may vary between groups)
Selection Criteria
  • On the ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists specializing in Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics.
  • Speciality knowledge/extensive experience in at least one module of the DIMP CTG
  • Demonstrated experience with, and commitment to the DIMP TEAP program, including a sound knowledge of TEAP content
  • Current/recent employment at an ACPSEM accredited training site
  • Inclusion (in your application) of reasoning (maximum 400 words) as to why the applicant is suitable for short term appointment to the project
  • Qualifications in educational design, assessment, and/or review
How to Apply

Applications for these short-term appointments should be sent by email to by COB 17th September 2021.

Applications should include a CV and Cover Letter addressing the Selection Criteria and be titled “Application for DIMP CTG Review” in the subject line.

A selection panel comprising of ACPSEM staff and DIMP Executive members will review applications and select applicants by 27th September 2021.

We look forward to working with you on this important project.

Susie Zhong | Company Secretary and Members Engagement Manager

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