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Introducing... ARSENIC!

The Better Healthcare Technology Foundation's exciting new Mixed Media Art Prize for 2021!

Why - you may ask - the name ARSENIC? It stands for: ‘ARt in Science & ENgineering In MediCine’. This event has evolved from the previous Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) Prize into a new expanded creative mixed media art award.

ARSENIC exists to celebrate our exciting professions; to show off visually stimulating creative aspects of the work of Scientists and Engineers in Medicine, and, most importantly, to have FUN!

We’d love to showcase whatever your chosen form of creative expression may be! (Nearly) anything goes… photos, drawings, painting, digital media submissions, sculpture, textile art, etc., etc.

Submissions are open to practicing or aspiring members of an ACPSEM-affiliated profession, and to any of their professional colleagues working in the general field of medical science.

The submitted works will be presented to the public and prizes will be awarded at the upcoming EPSM 2021 conference.

Entries close Oct 24!

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