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Announcing Changes to the ACPSEM Constitution


Given the uncertainty of COVID, we have planned to host an online AGM, which will facilitate maximum member attendance irrespective of your location and in the health interest of all members and staff involved.

The formal notice and papers for the AGM will be released in late October but I would like to raise for your attention that at this AGM the College Board will propose some Constitutional Changes and will present 2 Resolutions for Members’ approval.

Since the adoption of the 2015 Constitution, the key feedback from the continuous governance reform project is that the current terms of office for Directors and Office Bearers are not optimal from a leadership, stability and continuity perspective:
  • a two-year term of office for directors with half of the Board retiring every year does not provide stability and sustainability for the Board and Management. New directors take time to acquaint themselves with the operations of the College and a 2 year term does not necessarily allow a director to deliver value to the Board and College more broadly.
  • a one-year term for the President, Vice President and Treasurer puts a lot of pressure and burden on the induction and training of management and individuals who take on these roles. There is also a risk of losing corporate knowledge at the Board level.

Following detailed consideration, the College Board recommends that the term of office for directors be increased from 2 years to 3 years and that the term of office for office bearers be increased to up to 2 years, instead of the original 1 year term. A 3 year term of office for Directors and a 2 year term of office for Office Bearers is common practice among Companies in Australia.

The Board also acknowledges that the Head of Specialties has become a significant role with major advocacy responsibilities and the Board is proposing that this role be classified as an Office Bearer, together with President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Due to the commitment and expectations of the role of President, the Board recommends that the limit on the term of President’s role be 4 consecutive years, i.e 2 consecutive terms, instead of 3 consecutive terms.

Resolution 1 – Amendments to the Constitution is drafted to incorporate the changes mentioned above. Kindly note that Resolution 1 requires a special resolution of its members which is at least 75% of votes cast by members in favour of the resolution proposing the changes. I encourage all Voting members (Associate, Ordinary, Fellow and Life Members) to participate in the AGM.

Although the changes of Constitution in Resolution 1 are straight forward, we would like to provide members sufficient time to raise any questions. If you have any questions regarding Resolution 1, please feel free to contact me or our Company Secretary Susie Zhong. Susie’s mobile is 0435 526 229 or her email is

To assist with an Orderly transition and so that these changes to the Constitution take effect immediately, a Transition Schedule will be presented to the Members as Resolution 2, which will also be announced ahead of the notice of AGM.

Yours sincerely,

Kym Rykers
President, ACPSEM

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