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Call for Applications: 2022-24 Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel

Call for Applications to Join the ACPSEM Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel 2022-2024

The purpose of the ACPSEM Diagnostic Imaging Certification Panel is to apply professional standards to the assessment and certification of individuals who have entered ACPSEM’s Diagnostic Imaging and/or Nuclear Medicine specialty Training Education Assessment Programs (TEAP) or sought entry to the Register of QMPS via an assessment of qualifications and experience. Members of the Certification Panels (CP) provide their expertise across the TEAP process from “Eligibility” to “Certification” and “Registration” to ensure the TEAP participants and potential registrants reach standards set by the ACPSEM Professional Standards Board.

Who Should Apply

The ACPSEM is now seeking members from the following background to fill 4 vacancies:
  • 3 x Examiners [all Nominees included on the ballot for election by all examiners]
  • 1x Early Career Member [shortlisted by the Nominations Committee (NC), then elected by Early Career Member peers]

The ACPSEM values the commitment of those who want a meaningful new experience for a limited time, alongside those that may see leadership of their profession/s and driving the future of professional standards as a long-term commitment. Participation in the certification panel will also help prepare you to make an impact in other governance roles beyond the work of the ACPSEM.


Minimum commitment of 20 hours per year inclusive of preparation and participation in 6 meetings in addition to orientation and reading individuals may undertake.
Appointments start on 1st January 2022 for two years.

How to Apply

Please fill in the Application Form with your CV and return to Lauren Adams, Executive Assistant to the CEO, via . Application closes on 18th November 2021.

The Certification Panel Members Position Description is available here.

DICP 2022

The successful applicants will join three continuing Certification Panel Members whose terms expire on 31st December 2022 to form the DICP 2022. the contuining members are:

  • John Burrage - Examiner
  • Mario Djukelic - Registrar Representative
  • Zoe Brady- Early Career Member

The current Certification Panel Members who will retire on 31st December 2021 are: Andrew Campbell, Bruce McBride, Christopher Boyd and Don Mclean. These members may seek re-appointment for another two years.

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Fax: +61 (2) 9700 8023
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