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Call for EOI - Progressive Reports Assessor

Call for EOI - ROMP Progressive Reports Assessors (PRA)

We are putting out an expression of interest for ACPSEM members to become “Progressive Report Assessors” (PRA). This is an excellent opportunity to help out your profession. The EOI is open to everyone (who meet the mandatory requirements below) whether you’re a current examiner, a current PPR assessor, or if you have no intention on being either of those (e.g. do you love marking written content at your own pace, but hate talking all day?).

Please see a summary of the role below. Please feel free to email Paul Charles ( for any further details or if you have any questions.

Mandatory Requirements
  • You are on the ACPSEM Registrar of qualified medical physicists
  • You have demonstrated outstanding communication skills
  • You are able to commit to marking at least 4 reports per year
  • You have an interest in helping Radiation Oncology TEAP Registrars
Desirable requirements
  • You have assessment experience
  • You have leadership experience

Interested applicants may choose from one of two options:

  1. Assessor of reports 1 and 2 only
  2. Assessor of reports 1, 2 and examiner of report 3

Reports 1 and 2 will be marked similar to University assignments, using a pre-defined rubric. It expected that the PRA mark the report thoroughly against the rubric and provide detailed feedback to the Registrar about any areas of weakness in a constructive manner.

Report 3 will be a report that will also be marked against a rubric, but will be more significant in content. Subsequent to marking the written content of Report 3, a short oral examination will performed with the Registrar via video conference. A MPTC or a second PRA may also be in the oral examination, however it will be lead by the examiner of the written report.


Progressive report assessors will receive an honorarium for their time.

Additional Information
Due dates
  • Each Registrar will have unique due dates for each report. This means that reports can be available to mark at any stage of the year
  • It is expected that the PRA will mark and provide feedback to the Registrar within 3 weeks of receiving the report
  • The oral examination of report 3 should be organised within 3 weeks of the finalisation of the written report
  • PRAs do not have to be available at particular times (you can guide your own availability)
  • However, each PRA is expected to be available to mark at least 4 reports per year
  • The PRA may refuse to mark certain reports due conflict of interest or unexpected immediate increases in workload
  • Training on how to mark each report against the rubric and feedback expected to be given will be provided
Submitting your application

If you are interested in applying to become a progressive reports assessor, submit a current CV plus a cover page on why you believe you would make a good PRA to with a cc to by 29 November 2021.


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