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2022 Mammography Testing Course Certification | Registrations Now Open

Registrations Now Open: The 2022 Mammography Testing Certification Course

We are pleased to announce that registrations for the Mammography Testing Certification Course 2022 are open.

Thank you to those of you who responded to our EOI Survey for the 2022 MTC Course. Based on responses to the survey, we have decided to deliver the workshop component of this course online on the weekend of 27 - 28 August 2022.

About the Course

The Mammography Testing Certification course is intended as an extension course in the specialised area of mammography testing for people who already have experience in x-ray equipment testing, have a good understanding of the physics of x-ray equipment, understand the requirements for testing in general, and are familiar with the test equipment and techniques. For this reason, candidates require a verifiable minimum of two years experience in general x-ray equipment testing, with some experience in digital mammography desirable.

Prior to the Online Workshop (taking place 27-28 August 2022), candidates will be required to satisfactorily complete pre-reading and assessment exercises before being admitted into the course. The Workshop will comprise of 2 days of lectures and practicals which will be live-streamed. Candidates will be required to submit 2 satisfactory examples of mammography equipment tests to ACPSEM/RANZCR standards, and pass an online troubleshooting assignment to attain certification.

Course Structure:

Pre-course Assessment

Format: Short answer question assignment testing background theory, knowledge of
mammographic equipment testing and relevant performance standards.

Due date: 29 July 2022

Feedback on the assignment will be given within 2 weeks of submission. Students who fail to
meet the pass mark will not be able to attend the livestreaming workshop.

Livestreaming Workshop

Format: livestreaming workshop designed to review and reinforce ACPSEM/RANZCR testing procedures and follow-up. This is an opportunity to ask questions, seek feedback and address any concerns related to mammographic x-ray performance testing.

Workshop Dates: 27-28 August 2022

Successful attendance at this course is a prerequisite for Post-course assignments

Post-course Assignment - Report Submission

Format: After completing the livestreaming workshop, students will need to complete two
equipment assessments to RANZCR standards (including reporting monitors/printers as

Due date: Within 6 months of attending the workshop.

Post course Assignment - Troubleshooting

Format: Students will be provided with sample test results and given a series of questions to answer. This will be a time limited, short answer, online quiz.

View further information about the course by clicking here.


Registration for this course closes on Friday 24 June 2022. All registered delegates will be provided with online LMS platform within 24 hours of their registration so that they can complete the Pre-Workshop Assessments before being admitted to the Workshop.

Register by clicking here.

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