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2023 Board of Directors | Nominations Now Open

Dear ACPSEM members,

Call for nominations for election to fill three positions on the Board of the ACPSEM

Under the Constitution, an election for the board is set for each year and we are now calling for nominations from the eligible members to take up positions on the 2023 Board. There are two current Board Members, Kym Rykers (VIC/TAS) and Andrew Cousins (NZ) who have decided to stand for re-election to the Board for a period of a further two years.

The Board Members continuing on the Board for 2023 are:

Kevin Hickson (SA/NT)
Ivan Williams (VIC/TAS)
Michael Bernardo (QLD)
Ben Hug (WA)
Trent Aland (QLD)
Rosemary Peavey (Independent Director)

Lucy Cartwright (NSW/ACT) has decided not to stand for re-election after serving the ACPSEM as a Director since 2 January 2019. On behalf of the Board, Staff and all Members, we would like to thank Lucy for her dedication and contribution to the College.

To nominate for election, please use the nomination form. Three eligible voting members (Ordinary, Fellow and Life members) may nominate an eligible Member (Ordinary, Fellow and Life member), who must confirm they accept the nomination. The names of all nominators must be provided for verification. The member must advise the Secretary of the nomination by 31 August 2022, which can be done by email to

Due to COVID19, no postal nominations will be considered.

Your attention is drawn to Clause 34 of the Constitution:

34.1. Elections will be held in accordance with the procedures determined by the Board and set out in the by-laws.

34.2. Where nominations allow, there will be at least 1 Director from each of the following regions:

i.New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory;
ii.Victoria / Tasmania;
iv.Western Australia;
v.South Australia / Northern Territory; and
vi.New Zealand.

34.3. In order to implement clause 34.2, candidates shall be ranked according to the number of votes received. Priority for election will be given to the candidates who received the highest votes from each region not currently represented on the Board. The candidates with the highest number of votes from each of these regions will be declared elected.

34.4. The candidates with the highest number of votes from the remaining candidates equal to number of vacancies available will be declared elected. For avoidance of doubt, candidates from regions already represented shall be elected only after at least 1 candidate from each of the unrepresented regions if nominated has been elected.

34.5. If insufficient nominations are received to fill all positions on the Board, the vacant positions shall be deemed casual vacancies.

The full Constitution and the Bylaws relating to elections can be found on the website at

We encourage anyone considering nominating to discuss the role of Director of ACPSEM with Brad Shallies, Company Secretary, or President Kym Rykers ( and to review all of the relevant governance documentation on the website via the link above.

Download the ACPSEM EOI Information Sheet
Download the ACPSEM Board of Directors Nominations Form

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