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EXTENDED: Nominations for 2023 PSB Chair

The Deadline for nominations for the position of Chair of the 2023 Professional Standards Board Have has been extended to Monday 7th November.

Dear Members,

The ACPSEM values the commitment of members who want a meaningful experience for a limited time, alongside those that may see leadership of their profession/s and driving the future of professional standards as a long-term commitment. Participation in the PSB will also help prepare individuals to make an impact in other governance roles beyond the work of the ACPSEM.

The PSB operates generally under the ACPSEM Constitution, and in accordance with the ACPSEM By-laws, and the PSB Policy.

Nomination and Election of PSB Chair

The Board has delegated to the PSB the role of being accountable and responsible for the setting, applying and maintaining policy concerned with professional standards”, therefore the Chair of the PSB fills a crucial leadership role in the work of the College.

As outlined in the PSB Policy, The PSB Chair is nominated by the ACPSEM Voting Membership.

Candidates cannot self-nominate for the position. Instead, two (2) voting members of the ACPSEM must nominate an eligible member whose experience, professionalism and character they believe qualifies them for the role of Chair of the PSB.

How to Nominate someone for PSB Chair

To nominate a member for the role of PSB Chair, the nominating members must sign The PSB Chair Nomination Form. This same form must then be signed by the Nominee to indicate their consent. The Nominee must then submit an up-to-date CV and a Candidate Statement with the signed Nomination Form.

Nominations are to be emailed to Bradley Shallies, ACPSEM Company Secretary, via by COB Monday, 7th November.

If you have any questions or concerns around the nomination and application process or the position descriptions for any of the vacant positions, please email


The ACPSEM Office

ph: +61 (2) 8305 3900

a: Suite 7.12, Aero247 Building, 247 Coward St, Mascot, NSW 2020, Australia

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