Announcing Project Education 2030

Project Education 2030

The ACPSEM Board has recently approved Project Education 2030. The goal of the project is to move beyond the point of acknowledgement that major changes are coming and will have a big impact on our fields and professions as personalised medicine becomes a focus, to naming and carving out the space the ACPSEM wishes to speak into, and operate in, now and in the future through its education programs,

The project will include: Influencing the shape of university Masters’ courses through the existing mechanism of the University Accreditation Programs, adapting or transforming TEAPs to be ready; and being ready to upskill the existing workforce, efficiently and cost effectively, via the CPD system and offerings.

Drivers for Project Education 2030 include but are not limited to:
  1. Increasing discussion and emerging professional practice (by medical physicists) in the field of radiobiology (impact of radiation on biological tissue and DNA).
  2. Movement from radiobiology in health to medicine including designing treatment based on immunological factors, such as resistance to radiation or drug treatments.
  3. Alternate uses of radiation including integration with cancer-related and other surgeries
  4. Constant discussion, but not in detail or with intent regarding the blurring of the role of DIMPs and ROMPs underway and gathering pace.
  5. Increased scope of practice for NM MPs to encompass therapies/theranostics.
  6. Increased use of imaging in radiation oncology (RO).
  7. Increasing importance of MR across the board.
  8. Personalised sequence planning based on an individual’s pathology in MRI.
  9. Increasing recognition of the multidisciplinary team (MDT)
  10. Growing use and understanding of adaptive therapy.
  11. Increasing number of clinical trials using radiation in surgery (source: TROG)
  12. Regulation of medical devices, requiring embracing of support roles in the production and sale of medical devices, including software.

(Note AI is purposely not listed as an end in itself.)

If you want to be kept up to date about this project, or have a comment to offer, email . Formal Expressions of Interest for participation in aspects of the project will be sought in November 2023.

I am proud to be able to communicate to our members and stakeholders that the ACPSEM is visionary, organized and “on our front foot” as we embrace an increasingly complex future.

Kevin Hickson, President ACPSEM

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