CONSULTATION | Position Paper: Commissioning and QA of MRI Linacs


In 2019 the ACPSEM Board resolved that the College should convene an MRI-Linac Working Group (MRILWG) in order that the ACPSEM is prepared for the safe clinical introduction and optimal use of MR-guided treatment units. Preparedness in this context applies to consideration of training and education requirements (TEAP, CPD and potential new initiatives) and providing leadership and influencing the quality and delivery of such therapies in an Australian and New Zealand context. Further, the MRILWG will support and promote technical and clinical research on current and future MRI-Linac systems.

The MRILWG has produced a position paper on QA and Commissioning of these systems, which is ready for review.

You can access the position paper via the following link:
DRAFT ACPSEM Position Paper: Commissioning, and quality assurance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Linear Accelerators

The MRILWG would appreciate your feedback by the 25th of September 2023.

Please take time to review this document. All feedback should be sent to Luis Munoz -

Michael Jameson

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