• New version of the ROMP TEAP Handbook (click here). This is available either in ALEX (click or on the ACPSEM website. The changes from the original document are:
    • New Figure 2: This replaces the previously Figure 2 that had unrealistic/incorrect example LO completion. The new Figure 2 provides more granular detail and provides an example progression that clicks LO completion to the written, oral and practical examinations.
    • Alterations to LO assessment requirements for LO 5.1.1, 6.4.1, 7.1.1, 7.2.1, 7.3.1, 8.1.1, 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 8.3.1 and 8.4.3
    • Removal of the Fail/Pass/Credit/Distinction grades for the written exams, replaced with Fail/Pass/Pass+ grades
    • Minor grammatical corrections/changes through the text
  • Key Area (KA) written exams are now up and running online in ALEX. Congratulations to those Registrars who have already attempted and passed some of the KA written exams!All Registrars will now see these exam sections in ALEX, however the exams are password protected, with the password provided to the exam supervisor prior to the scheduled exam date. If an exam is attempted without ACPSEM approval, or outside of the agreed date for the exam (without approval) then the Registrar will automatically fail the exam.

    There is a ROMP Written Exam Guide for Registrars (click here) and a Written Examination Procedure (click here) in ALEX that can be found in the ROMP TEAP Supporting Document Collection Area in the Written Exam Applications section.

    Please note: As we are finalizing the written exam question banks in Sept/Oct, the next available date for sitting written exams will be in mid-October.
  • TEAP Progression applications are now coming through to TEAP coordinators. Congratulations to those Registrars who have successfully transitioned to Stage B!

    Apply for progression between stages by emailing the TEAP coordinators ( When applying for progression, please attach a completed TEAP Progression Spreadsheet (click here). This can be found in the in the ROMP TEAP Supporting Document Collection Area in the Progression Documentation section. Instructions for completing the progression spreadsheet (click here) can also be found in the same place.
  • Key Area 8 now has extra online resources to help Registrars and Supervisors meet the Learning Outcomes in this section. This KA is continuing to be built on, so please keep an eye out for additional resources as they are added. Supervisors will now see there are Sample Assessment Guides for LO 8.3.1 and 8.4.3 in ALEX (under Assessment activities used in this course). These guides contain example questions (and expected responses) that can be used to help assess your Registrars in these LOs.
  • Key Area 10: All Registrars should now be enrolled in the Level 1 ACPSEM Online Particle Therapy Training course. Completion of this course meets the requirements for Topic 10.1 (Proton Therapy) completion. Topic 10.2 (MRI Linacs) is under construction and should be available with online resources and assessment materials early in 2024. Many thanks to the 2023 ACPSEM Summer School committee for considering the 10.2 LOs in the content of the MRI-Linacs Summer School this year.
  • Exam Procedure documents: The ROMP Written Examination Procedure document for Registrars in the new curriculum (click here) is now available in ALEX in the Written Examination Application section. Procedure documents for the final oral and practical exams are currently under review and will be released in ALEX in the ROMP TEAP Supporting Document Collection Area shortly.
  • ROMP Supervisor Workshops: The ROMP Supervisor workshop series has been running well over the last few months. A new round of workshop topics will be advertised on the ACPSEM website soon. Whilst aimed at ROMP TEAP Supervisors, these workshops are available for anyone to register and attend (Trainers, Registrars, etc). For those who have been unable to participate in past workshops, recordings of these can be found in ALEX (click here) in the Webinars and Presentations section. CPD points can be obtained for watching these recordings so long as the reflection and appropriate information are added into the CPD Tracker. If there is any feedback, or topics that you would like to see covered (or re-covered) in future workshops, please email the TEAP coordinators (
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