RANZCR Applied Imaging Technology Exam Update

RANZCR Applied Imaging Technology Exam Update

ACPSEM would like to bring to your attention an important update from the RANZCR AIT Examiner Reference Panel.

Updated Curriculum

An updated curriculum for the AIT subject has been published on the RANZCR website: https://www.ranzcr.com/trainees/clinical-radiology-training-program/learning-outcomes-and-handbook

Some changes include:
  • References to film have been removed
  • Computed Radiography (CR) learning outcomes have been removed
  • Genetically significant dose (GSD) has been removed
  • New learning outcome 2.2.6 relating to dental radiography
  • GSDF has been added to learning outcome 2.1.20
  • The term “automatic dose rate control” (ADRC) has been included in learning outcome 2.2.10
  • Over-beaming and over-ranging in CT now directly stated
  • Reworded and expanded MRI learning outcomes 2.2.69 and 2.2.70
  • SUV added to learning outcome 2.2.80
  • The term “Facility Reference Level” (FRL) has been included in learning outcome 2.3.27
  • New learning outcome 2.3.26 – the role and responsibilities of the radiologist in justification
  • Safety zoning of MR departments added to learning outcome 2.3.35
  • Safety classification of implants and management of MR-conditional implants added to learning outcome 2.3.35
Nuclear Medicine Exam Questions

Nuclear medicine is now only assessed through multiple choice questions (MCQs) and not through the constructed response questions (CRQs).

Past Exams

Past exams are no longer made available. This started from 2022 with the introduction of the new curriculum.

Older past papers (which are still a good guide for the question format) can be found on this website: https://www.ranzcr.com/trainees/clinical-radiology-training-program/examinations/phase-1

Sample questions for the current curriculum exams are available on the website below. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the Practique site via the Demo site. https://www.ranzcr.com/images/Clinical_Radiology_Phase_1_SAMPLE_AIT_Examination_Questions.pdf

Exam Feedback Reports

Please note that feedback on current exams can be found in the Clinical Radiology Examination Reports. These are found at the bottom of the page on this website:https://www.ranzcr.com/trainees/clinical-radiology-training-program/examinations

Exam Dates

The dates for upcoming exams can be found under the menu “Phase 1 Examination Schedule” on this website: https://www.ranzcr.com/trainees/clinical-radiology-training-program/examinations

The 2024 dates for the AIT exam are:

Friday 8 March 2024
Friday 4 October 2024

For queries, please contact Zoe Brady (z.brady@alfred.org.au) in the first instance.

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