EOIs | DIMP Nuclear Medicine PPR Assessors

ACPSEM is seeking Expressions of Interest for suitably qualified Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physicists (DIMP) to join the Assessor Pool for Periodic Progress Reviews (PPRs) within the Nuclear Medicine TEAP specialty stream.

The purpose of the PPR is to:

  • Ensure that registrars are making satisfactory progress in all elements of the DIMP TEAP from a holistic perspective.
  • To provide an opportunity for external review, reflection and constructive feedback
  • To provide a formal mechanism for investigation of unsatisfactory progress and provide specific plans to support the Registrar in successfully completing TEAP.

Duties include:

  • Prepare for review by downloading and familiarizing yourself with reports and other information regarding registrar progress,
  • Conduct a face to face or videoconference review.
  • Write and submit progress reports to ACPSEM
  • Follow up actions required as a result of progress report findings (where applicable)

This is an excellent opportunity to support and contribute to your profession. The EOI is open to everyone who meets the mandatory requirements listed below.

f you are interested in applying to become a PPR Assessor, please submit a current CV plus a statement on why you’d like to be a NM DIMP PRR Assessor, and how your experience matches the mandatory and desirable requirements above to the office via education@acpsem.org.au by COB 31 Mar 2024.

A Position Description for PPR Assessors is available here.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Be on the ACPSEM Registrar of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists in the Nuclear Medicine Physics speciality
  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills.
  • Are able to commit to doing 4 PPRs per year (minimum)

Desirable requirements

  • Previous assessment experience
  • Previous leadership experience would be useful.


Periodic Performance Reviews are carried out using a pre-defined rubric. Assessors are required to work in alignment with the rubric and provide detailed feedback to the Registrar about any areas of weakness.


Assessors will receive an honorarium for their time. Training hours are unpaid.

Timing/Due dates

  • Each Registrar will have their own scheduled due dates for each PPR. This means that Assessors may be requested to carry out a PPR at any stage of the year.
  • It is expected that Assessors will complete the PPR and provide feedback to the Registrar within 3 weeks of completing the PPR.


  • Each Assessor will be asked to nominate how many PPRs they are able to complete each quarter. This does not mean that you will be assigned that amount but will allow the College staff to evenly and fairly distribute workload.
  • Assessors may refuse to be involved with certain registrars due conflict of interest or unexpected immediate increases in workload.
  • Each Assessor must complete a minimum of 4 PPR reports per calendar year, to retain the skillset of being an assessor


Training on how to complete each report against the rubric and feedback expected to be given will be provided.

It is expected that newly appointed Assessors will undergo approx. 20 hours of training prior to commencing in the role. Based on completion of the minimum PPR requirements, it is estimated that the time commitment post training is 32 hours per year, based on a minimum of 8 hours per progress review.

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