Apply For Registration


The ACPSEM Register of Qualified Medical Physics Specialists and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists (The Register) is a publicly accessible register of individuals who have demonstrated competency to practise safely and independently in their chosen specialty in Australia and New Zealand and who are continuing to maintain those skills by demonstrating sufficient commitment to continuing professional development.

Individuals who successfully complete Certification in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics, Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics, or Radiopharmaceutical Science automatically achieve Registration. 
Alternative pathways exist for Experienced Practitioners who do not hold ACPSEM Certification ("Other Candidates").

Admission to the Register requires a formal application and assessment process. Applications are assessed by the Certification Panel of the specialty under which the candidate has applied to be registered.


  1. Register of Medical Physics Specialists for Radiation Oncology (ROMP)
  2. Register of Medical Physics Specialists for Nuclear Medicine
  3. Register of Medical Physics Specialists for Radiology
  4. Register of Radiopharmaceutical Scientist Specialists (RPS)
  5. Register of Medical Physics Specialists via Bespoke Assessment pathway 


Certification through completion of an ACPSEM Training and Education Program (TEAP) 

This is the primary route to registration. Upon successful completion of a TEAP, individuals are automatically listed on The Register. They do not need to apply for registration. 

Assessment of Competence as an Experienced Candidate


The Experienced ROMPs, DIMPs or RPSS Pathway

For experienced Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists, Radiology Medical Physicists, Nuclear Medicine Medical Physicists, and Radiopharmaceutical Scientists who have not completed a TEAP for ACPSEM Certification.
This pathway is founded on the recognition that non-ACPSEM-certified experienced candidates will not necessarily be competent in every area of scientific knowledge and clinical skills that are required for completion of the ACPSEM TEAP for Certification in their specialty, but will bring with them skills and competence reflecting their own training, experience and professional currency. 


The Overseas Certified and/or Registered Candidate Pathway

There are a number of overseas certifications or registrations for Medical Physicists that are deemed as broadly equivalent to ACPSEM registration
For Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, the current list of Medical Physicist registrations or certifications in this category are:
  • Institute of Physics and Engineering In Medicine (IPEM);
  • Clinical Scientist Registration (UK)
  • American Board of Radiology (ABR);
  • American Board of Medical Physics (ABMP);
  • Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM)

Candidates holding other registrations or certifications that they believe are equivalent to those listed above should submit a request for evaluation of that registration or certification to the ACPSEM in writing.


The Bespoke Assessment Pathway


For those candidates who practice as Medical Physicists but not specifically or sufficiently within the specific domains of either Radiation Oncology Medical Physics or Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics.
Assessment is based on the candidate’s declared practice field via the Bespoke Assessment pathway.